About me

Virtual Reality Learning Lab

Hi there! I am Robin de Lange, a researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur with a focus on Virtual Reality and education. I have a MSc degree in Media Technology from Leiden University and a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Philosophy at the same University.


I am the founder and principal researcher of the Virtual Reality Learning Lab. I do PhD research at Leiden University, supervised by prof. dr. Bas Haring. For my research I study the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality for understanding and solving abstract problems. I give lectures and teach courses where we explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality for different fields. We also organize Virtual Reality workshops and demonstrations, develop applications and advise organisations on developments in this field.

I am also the founder and program leader of the Lyceo CodeLab, a unique program for high school students to learn how to code.

In the past I have initiated and contributed to many different projects. During my studies, I was the owner of a homework guidance and tutoring company, which was successfully transferred (twice). I’ve created philosophical infographics, developed Augmented Reality applications and worked on the first MOOC produced in the Netherlands.

On this page you can find for what kind of work you can hire me. I am usually in for new challenges, so feel free to contact me!


Some of my previous clients: