Virtual Reality Learning Lab

Embodied Vision 2015

In the spring of 2015 I taught the course Embodied Vision together with Dan North. The course was part of the Media Technology MSc. program. In the lectures given by Dan the students learned about special effects and illusionism in cinema and how this is used in the service of narrative and spectacle. In the…
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Virtual Reality for Science & Education

In May 2015 the Gratama Stichting and Leids Universiteitsfonds announced that my research project into the possibilities of Virtual Reality for the field of education will receive the Gratama research grant. Prof. dr. Jaap van den Herik helped me with the application procedure, the research will be part of my PhD work supervised by prof.…
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Leren programmeren tijdens de Lyceo CodeWeken

Samen met het team van Lyceo organiseer ik de Lyceo Codeweken. Ik ben de initiator en coördinator van het project en ontwikkel het onderwijsprogramma. In de zomervakantie van 2015 start de pilot van dit nieuwe programma in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hilversum en Den Haag. In 4 dagen leren middelbare scholieren de basis van programmeren en…
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Art of Neuroscience talk – Virtual Reality visualization of live EEG data

On March 24th 2015 I gave a talk at the Art of Neuroscience symposium in the beautiful Eye in Amsterdam. More information about this yearly event can be found here. In my talk I presented the Virtual Reality visualization of live EEG data I created with my team mates Eva Delincakova and Bert Spaan at…
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Oculus Rift demonstraties, lezingen & workshops

Benieuwd naar de immersive ervaring van de Oculus Rift en de mogelijkheden van Virtual Reality voor uw bedrijf? Ik verzorg workshops, lezingen en demonstraties met deze Virtual Reality headset voor allerlei evenementen. Een leuke ervaring voor de bezoekers van een congres, beurs of symposium, of als onderdeel van een geslaagd bedrijfsuitje! Ik selecteer software op…
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Embodied Vision Workshop: Augmented and Virtual Reality with Unity3D

On the 19th of June 2014 at 10.00, I’ll teach a workshop for the Embodied Vision course of the Media Technology MSc. program. Below you can find a short description of the workshop and the assignment. After the workshop I’ll post a summary of what we’ve discussed. Embodied Vision Workshop: Augmented and Virtual Reality with…
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Mind Extensions website

In Western tradition, thinking has been commonly seen as a very secluded activity. As our environment is getting more and more saturated with technologies, it is becoming clear however, that our minds are less separated from the world as we might think. Many questions arise, questions about artificial intelligence, about the technologies we use to…
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Programming Summerclass

This summer BijlesinWassenaar organizes a Summerclass during which pupils learn the basics of reading and writing code. They learn about if-statements, data types, loops and arrays. They are familiarized with new techniques such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. They apply their new learnt knowledge in a small project they make themselves!

Brainstorm – Hack the Brain hackathon

For the Hack the Brain hackathon, organized by Waag Society, TNO and the Donders Institute, we created an immersive 3D environment of EEG data using the Oculus Rift. To experience our project you wear a cap with electrodes to capture an EEG signal from the electrical activity in your brain. The Oculus Rift places you…
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Graduation project

On the 28th of August 2013 I presented my graduation project, which was graded an 8.5. Developing an Augmented Reality application to promote an extended concept of cognition in education [ABSTRACT] The ever decreasing size and price of computer parts seems to be leading to computing power becoming ubiquitous. Similar to technology such as pen…
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3 Oktoberapp 2013

After the success of the first edition of the 3 Oktoberapp in 2012, we developed a completely new 2013 edition, now for Android and iPhone. The app received 5000+ downloads. The 3 Oktoberapp 2013 includes a complete and scrollable program for Leidens Ontzet, a soundboard with carnival sounds and all sorts of extra information.  …
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Together with Berber de Vries we developed ARBieb, an Augmented Reality application for children’s books. The app stimulates children to read books and share short reviews. At the same time, it introduces children to Augmented Reality. The app was developed using Unity and the Vuforia Augmented Reality library. The app can be downloaded from the…
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MOOC in NRC.Next

The MOOC on EU Law we created is online on Coursera! And it is featured in NRC.Next, with my leg on the front page.

Philippines 2013

Photos from our 4 week trip to the Philippines! To see all the pictures, click on the slideshow below.

Video Slimmernetwerk

In the fall of 2012 I made a short video (~10 minutes) for Slimmernetwerk, in which is shown why bottom-up innovation in public administration is necessary, how this can be achieved and what managers could do to help this. Slimmernetwerk is a network supported by the public program: ‘Innoveren door Professionals’. It is initiated by…
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Dennett infographics

Daniel Dennett has won the 2012 Erasmus price and because of this a Dennett week was organized in Amsterdam. Bas Haring and I made 9 infographics about some of Dennett’s ideas, for a exhibition in the Public Library of Amsterdam (OBA). Suzanne Hertogs (Ontwerphaven) designed the posters. This was a very cool project. Dennett liked…
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3 Oktober App

Together with Mathijs Buijs and Cas Dekkers we made an Android app for Leidens Ontzet 2012. It was a very last-minute plan; we only had a week or so to make the entire app. You can download the app here. The app was downloaded over 1300 times in three days and we were interviewed by Sleutelstad…
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Ad verbatim

My third project for New Media & New Technologies and first Android app. For centuries the ability to remember and recite complete monologues Ad verbatim was considered to be one of the most important intellectual virtues. With the development of technologies as the script, this mental ability has gone lost, just as Socrates already warned us for in Plato’s Phaedrus. The…
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Mathematisering van het wereldbeeld

An article I wrote for a course about the history of science is published by Eureka Magazine.