Virtual Reality Learning Lab


For the Human Computer Interaction course, Tom Groen and I made a color changing LED ball as an intuitive indicator of Twitter activity. Unfortunately, we have no pictures of the product, but here is a screenshot of the settings panel.

Writing of the @-sign

Small research for the course Creative Research, about how people write the @-sign. Is there a correlation between the age of a person and the degree of similarity of the @-sign and the person’s writing of it?   The results of this research show that there is a correlation between age and the ability to…
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Dichromatic benefits in visual tasks

Short paper for the Creative Research course, about the benefits of some types of color blindness. Dichromatic benefits in visual tasks Why colour-vision polymorphism remains Colour vision deficiency, or colour-blindness comes in many different varieties. In general it can be described as the inability to perceive differences between some of the colours that others can…
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Earthquake data visualization

Small project for the Perceptualization course of the Media Technology programme. Visualization of earthquake data using corn starch on a speaker.

Solar Power Future Fish || Mockumentary

Part of the Lustrum event was a continuous showing of a mockumentary about solar powered cows, made by Luuk Verheul and me.

Solar powered future fish || Lustrum event Leiden University

In 2010 I was in the Lustrum Committee of the Faculty of Science, in which we organized a scientific communicational event in Leiden. Below is the article and the video that were posted on the University website. (link) —————————————————————————————————— Students of the Faculty of Science organised an event on June 12 in the course of…
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Roger Penrose’s theory of consciousness in the light of active externalism

Final paper for my Philosophy of Science BA, written in 2010. In this paper I discuss the theory of Roger Penrose’s theory of consciousness in which non-computable processes are essential, in the light of active externalism, as put forward by Andy Clark. ———————————————————————————————————– Vergroten van wiskundig inzicht met externe computationele processen Penrose in het licht…
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Iceland 2009

Iceland from Robin de Lange on Vimeo.

Arts and the Life Sciences

In 2008 I followed the Bio Art Honours Class at the University of Leiden. For this very interesting course I’ve made two art projects. One was called ‘1000 RPM Bestiality, or Making Love in the Next Century?’, of which unfortunately no pictures were made. The second project was a performance at the presentation day of…
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Transhuman understanding

Paper written for the course ‘Transhuman epistemics’, about the limitations of extending cognitive capabilities to increase understanding. Transhumaan begrip Paper Transhuman Epistemics Al eeuwenlang is de mens geïnteresseerd in het begrip ‘kennis’. ‘Wat is kennis?’, ‘Wat betekent het als iemand iets weet?’, ‘Is er een objectieve werkelijkheid?’, ‘Is die objectieve werkelijkheid kenbaar, op welke wijze…
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Peru 2008

Peru || Manu from Robin de Lange on Vimeo. Peru || Cusco – Machu Picchu from Robin de Lange on Vimeo.

Prima Philosophia

Full paper for the course ‘Metafysica’ by Jan Sleutels. Written in 2007. Voorbij een Eerste Filosofie Is de Prima Philosophia ten einde? In de Westerse filosofische traditie bestaat het idee van een Eerste Filosofie, een Prima Philosophia, door Descartes gesymboliseerd als de wortels van de boom die filosofie heet. Dit essay zal het ontstaan van…
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Quantum conductance

Research project done for experimental physics course: measuring the quantum conductance of a single atom wire.