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Virtual Reality Learning Lab

Ad verbatim

My third project for New Media & New Technologies and first Android app. For centuries the ability to remember and recite complete monologues Ad verbatim was considered to be one of the most important intellectual virtues. With the development of technologies as the script, this mental ability has gone lost, just as Socrates already warned us for in Plato’s Phaedrus. The…
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In the second project for New Media & New Technologies, I made a rock-paper-scissors game you can play using hand gestures.            

A Clockwork Binary

In this project for New Media & New Technologies, I made a futuristic LED binary clock in the housing of an old mechanical clock, using Arduino.              

SSI Project

Open space for the project I’ve done for the Sound, Space and Interaction course.


(From the website of the Media Technology MSc Program) Floating (2012) Floating is the title of a project by Berber de Vries, Robin de Lange and Atze de Vries. It was undertaken as part of the Media Technology semester project, in which groups of students must develop an experiential product from a single theme, in this case floating.…
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Real-life Pie Chart API

Demonstration of our project for the course Web Technology.   *Video coming soon

Conducting Life

For the course Embodied Vision Erik Jansen and I have made a Max/MSP Jitter patch that re-edits footage automatically and motion-based. The conductor is the leader of a musical ensemble, whose task it is to direct the musical performance by making gestures. One of the main tasks of the conductor is to set the tempo of…
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Artificial Life

A Prezi presentation we made for the research seminar about AI. Artificial Life on Prezi

Hardware project

Open space for hardware project


For the Human Computer Interaction course, Tom Groen and I made a color changing LED ball as an intuitive indicator of Twitter activity. Unfortunately, we have no pictures of the product, but here is a screenshot of the settings panel.

Writing of the @-sign

Small research for the course Creative Research, about how people write the @-sign. Is there a correlation between the age of a person and the degree of similarity of the @-sign and the person’s writing of it?   The results of this research show that there is a correlation between age and the ability to…
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Dichromatic benefits in visual tasks

Short paper for the Creative Research course, about the benefits of some types of color blindness. Dichromatic benefits in visual tasks Why colour-vision polymorphism remains Colour vision deficiency, or colour-blindness comes in many different varieties. In general it can be described as the inability to perceive differences between some of the colours that others can…
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Earthquake data visualization

Small project for the Perceptualization course of the Media Technology programme. Visualization of earthquake data using corn starch on a speaker.