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Virtual Reality Learning Lab

Virtual Reality for Science & Education Symposium – 10 March 2016

Updates about the program below! During the last few years developments in Virtual Reality have gained a lot of momentum. Almost two decades after the inevitable downfall in the hype cycle, the Oculus Rift showed that a VR headset is within reach for the average consumer. This kickstarted many new initiatives, causing an entire VR…
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Writing of the @-sign

Small research for the course Creative Research, about how people write the @-sign. Is there a correlation between the age of a person and the degree of similarity of the @-sign and the person’s writing of it?   The results of this research show that there is a correlation between age and the ability to…
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Dichromatic benefits in visual tasks

Short paper for the Creative Research course, about the benefits of some types of color blindness. Dichromatic benefits in visual tasks Why colour-vision polymorphism remains Colour vision deficiency, or colour-blindness comes in many different varieties. In general it can be described as the inability to perceive differences between some of the colours that others can…
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