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Virtual Reality Learning Lab

MOOC in NRC.Next

The MOOC on EU Law we created is online on Coursera! And it is featured in NRC.Next, with my leg on the front page.

Video Slimmernetwerk

In the fall of 2012 I made a short video (~10 minutes) for Slimmernetwerk, in which is shown why bottom-up innovation in public administration is necessary, how this can be achieved and what managers could do to help this. Slimmernetwerk is a network supported by the public program: ‘Innoveren door Professionals’. It is initiated by…
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Winter 2012 Kagerplassen

Ice skating on the Kagerplassen.

Conducting Life

For the course Embodied VisionĀ Erik Jansen and I have made a Max/MSP Jitter patch that re-edits footage automatically and motion-based. The conductor is the leader of a musical ensemble, whose task it is to direct the musical performance by making gestures. One of the main tasks of the conductor is to set the tempo of…
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Earthquake data visualization

Small project for the Perceptualization course of the Media Technology programme. Visualization of earthquake data using corn starch on a speaker.

Solar Power Future Fish || Mockumentary

Part of the Lustrum event was a continuous showing of a mockumentary about solar powered cows, made by Luuk Verheul and me.

Iceland 2009

Iceland from Robin de Lange on Vimeo.