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Virtual Reality Learning Lab

Virtual Reality Learning Lab – new online & offline location

We’re very proud to announce that the website of the Virtual Reality Learning Lab is online. We are still working on some technical details and of course we still have a lot of content to add. Nonetheless we are excited about this step; thank you Donna Schipper. We’re even more excited about our new offline…
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Virtual Reality for Science & Education 2016 – a Review

On the 10th of March 2016 we organized the Virtual Reality for Science & Education symposium at the Scheltema Complex in Leiden. I think we can safely state the event was a great success! Over 125 people attended the event, causing a small shortage of chairs at the busiest time of the symposium. I have…
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Why are people enthusiastic about VR in Education?

During the past year I have spoken with a lot of people about the use of Virtual Reality for learning, which is the topic of my research. Surprisingly many people are really excited about this. But why is this? Why are people enthusiastic about VR in education?

Oculus Rift demonstraties, lezingen & workshops

Benieuwd naar de immersive ervaring van de Oculus Rift en de mogelijkheden van Virtual Reality voor uw bedrijf? Ik verzorg workshops, lezingen en demonstraties met deze Virtual Reality headset voor allerlei evenementen. Een leuke ervaring voor de bezoekers van een congres, beurs of symposium, of als onderdeel van een geslaagd bedrijfsuitje! Ik selecteer software op…
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